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We would like to thank the publishing companies and supporters who have provided books and magazines.

  • National
  • Abitare
  • Agepe
  • Alberto Greco Editore
  • Apogeo
  • Allemandi
  • Auto&Design
  • Clean
  • Corraini
  • Cosmit
  • DDE
  • Domus Academy
  • Editoriale Domus
  • Editrice Compositori
  • Edizioni Habitat
  • Edizioni Fiera Milano
  • Edizioni Rdesignpress
  • Ergonomia
  • Electa
  • Feltrinelli
  • Franco Angeli
  • Hachette
  • Hoepli
  • Ikon Editrice
  • Il Sole 24 Ore
  • Impackt
  • Interni
  • IQD Inside Quality Design
  • Label
  • L’Arca
  • Laterza
  • Lupetti
  • Mancosu
  • Marsilio
  • Mondadori
  • Motta Architettura
  • Polidesign
  • Popai
  • RCS
  • Reed Business
  • Silvana Editoriale
  • Skira
  • International
  • Arnoldsche Art Publishers
  • Assouline
  • Azure
  • Blueprint
  • Clear Magazine
  • Detail
  • Frame
  • Icon
  • I.D.
  • Intramuros
  • Monitor Magazine
  • Objekt
  • Permanent Food
  • Phaidon
  • Select Magazine
  • Surface
  • StylePark
  • Taschen
  • The Mix Residence
  • Centras
  • Lamų Slėnis
  • Nemunas

We would like to thank all the donors who have generously contributed to create the DesignLibrary archives in Milan and abroad.

  • Alberto Bassi
  • Alessandra Laudati
  • Anna Casati
  • Anna Ferrieri Castelli
  • Art Book
  • Cesare Secondi
  • Clara Mantica
  • Corraini Arte Contemporanea Edizioni
  • Cosmit
  • Cristina Morozzi
  • Daniele Lorenzon
  • Design-italia
  • Editrice Abitare Segesta
  • Ergo per comunicare all’estero
  • Francesco Fois
  • Franco Angeli Edizioni
  • Giulio Castelli
  • Luca Fois
  • Manuela Cifarelli
  • Map
  • Marco Piva Studio
  • Marta Meda
  • Massimo Morozzi
  • Nicola Castelli
  • Ordine degli architetti
  • Patrizia Scarzella
  • Raimonda Riccini
  • Tersilla Giacobone
  • Valerio Castelli
  • Irene Tchimorin
  • Raymond Zujus
  • Rūta Valušytė
  • Centras magazine
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An international cultural project: the first worldwide design libraries network for university, companies, designers and media.

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Digital DesignLibrary · the project

Time to DIT our own book scanner series

After almost 100.000 pages digitized from our archive, which are actually including the international publications from Designer Monographs, Company Monographs, and Product Design sections plus the full collection of MODO magazine, since 2018 we are facing a new challenge in Digital DesignLibrary project.

Until now processes of cataloging, scanning, conversion, and database implementation have been run by partnership together with the leading companies of this sector in Italy and abroad.

In four years we have collected a deep and detailed experience in digital acquisition of documents, books, and papers in general. But the road is way far to end soon.

(prototyping phase at KTU MIDF workshop - 2019/2020)

According to the fact that ten-times-more materials are waiting for us to get to the conclusion, and thanks to the technological evolution in recent years, we are now able to announce that the production of a fully functional DIY OS book scanner series is finally coming to the market and has been 100% home manufactured.

Two scanners are on the desks right now, one in Italy and one in Lithuania, ready to start their hard job. If you are a student, an engineer, a designer, or any other kind of young and motivated person and you would like to join us on this beautiful journey, please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to improve your skills in the digitization of cultural heritages.
The responsibility to let the extraordinary history of Design reaches the next generations belongs to us.

Development team:

Lorenzo Piazzi - Designer and team leader

Stefano Chiappalone - Reverse engineering and programming

Justė Motuzaitė, Alessandro Farina, Serdar Nalçaka - CAD/CAM and 3D modelling

Stefania Silvestri - HR recruitment and training

Angelica Peccini - Coordinator


We would like also to thanks all the partners and contributors who helped and supported us until now:


Kaunas University of Technology - Mechanical Engineering and Design Faculty

DesignLibrary Network



Credits and Copyrights about DIY Book Scanner “The Archivists” here:
Licenses are open and shared in CC.